Making ink squiggles on paper

Anyway, yes, what else? So, yes, it was nice to snuggle, and it was cool enough, low-humidity enough, to do so (unlike today). That’s what I was saying yesterday — how wonderful it is to be alive, … how wonderful it is just to do those universal things — snuggle, as one of several things — kissing, etc.

It’s raining again, a bit, not a lot. Anyway, yes, and a bit of distant thunder just now (8:19 on clock that’s 5 minutes [fast?] — not quite as good as the clock-lightning strike in Back to the Future, but there ya go. Anyway, (hey, they couldn’t have known the exact second of the lightning strike, either. Anyway, don’t start picking apart the logic of a time-travel movie. But that’s a pretty obvious one — and yet, how else would he ever get home? The movie would become more of a tragedy than comedy — stuck in 1955! Anyway, so what else? The rules on these pages are keeping my handwriting size and spacing (leading) in check. What else is there to say?

Not much. Not much. Not much. Not much — the visual regularity of repeated words. You start to see patterns, the “rivers” (I think that’s the term, from graphic design) of the white space between the words in a block of text. I unfocus my eyes at times and notice that rivering. But I hadn’t done that with the “not much” line. I was just noticing the regularity of the word shape and size, how it stood out from other text because it was so regular.

Anyway, after 4 repeated words, I did find something else to say. It seems such a waste of opportunity, not to mention how tedious it seems, when my students in their Morning Pages [journals] repeat a line or a word for a whole page. No thinking is involved/required, but it’s only the thinking, the inner voice, listening to it, that makes writing interesting — else all you’re doing anytime you write is just making ink squiggles on paper.

[From journal of Mon., 7 July 2008, Journal 103, pages 30-1]

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