‘Oh, man, what does toad homework look like?’

Washington Post (updated June 28 at 8:05 a.m.): World: At least 9.995M reported cases [of COVID], at least 497K deaths reported.

Illinois COVID (as of 6/27 2:30 p.m.): 141,077 positive tests confirmed, +786 in a day; 6,873 deaths; 1,521,189 total tests performed …

See previous two pages for cute [neighbor girl] Gwinny quotes. M said as she filmed that we had to stock up on Gwinny cuteness, as we soon won’t have her around [after her family moves].

[Here’s one sample from the previous page: Gwinny said to a toad: “I think you had enough time to play. Now you have to do your homework.” Me: “Oh, man, what does toad homework look like?” Gwinny: “It just means the toad has to sneak out somewhere.” M & I laughed. Gwinny: “She’s gonna be a spy when she grows up.” Me: “Sneaking out is good spy homework.” Five-year-old Gwinny gets it, though she’s never yet gone to school. She learns from her older siblings, I guess.]

Dog and I walked to park and back between 5:30 and 6:20. I think we went via M____ [street], but I could be remembering another day. I napped 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. yesterday. We made burritos late (8 p.m. hour) and ate while watching a Shakespeare & Hathaway — gardening kerfuffle. Bed 11:30 after watching SNL rerun of ‘06 with Nat Portman and some of the 2019 K-Stew SNL at 10:30.

I blogged yesterday. Got to 61 (I think) for the month of June. There was a post I liked, from 12 Aug. 2017, when M and I had gone to Chicago, and I had made an erasure from a Red Eye (paper article) and I put in pics of those pages and the erasure, and a 2010 piece, I had typed in a couple paragraphs I liked, about how I wasn’t keen on … but I took them out and ended the post earlier. I thought that I just don’t want to risk a confrontation with … over it.

[From Sun., 28 June 2020, Journal 327, page 9]

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