Once the lust boils off

I watched a clip of J. Kimmel, where he shows a bit of minor squabbling between Judic. Comm. Chair Grassley and Ranking Member Feinstein, and Kimmel’s comment is, how long have those 2 been married? And that prompted the thought that people in long-term marriages might squabble — [I asked [Uncle] Glenn where he wanted to go and he said something about having learned to be a good husband and agree to whatever is suggested to him.] — as if that initial glee of first love, of new love, always curdles into minor annoyance — and maybe it does. I mean, as a general trend. And maybe that’s OK — that hopefully there’s some good companionship left once the lust boils off.

[From journal of Mon., 1 October 2018, Journal 284, pages 237-238]

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