Overwhelmed by looking at the 3 years ahead

Made oatmeal.  No instructor (again) in tennis.  Had to play w/ John Who Tries Too Hard To Win.  SS318 test moved till next Wed.  Didn’t finish logic homework.  Went downtown and got broom, knee and elbow pads, and cheap helmet [for intramural broomball].  Got all for less than I thought, about $50 total.  

I tried talking to [roommate] — went well.  I’m looking for a new room.  We may both move, or not. I don’t know.  

Called home. Did calc and caught up on this [journal].  I should do this more often, so I don’t forget important stuff.

Mom and I talked a lot about why I’m unhappy here when I was home. Most of her suggestions had to do with having a positive mental attitude and looking for the best in people, situations, etc. I’ve been depressed last two days, but I’m going to try harder when things get back to normal.  Speaking of normal, … I’m still considering transferring. Right now, I just feel overwhelmed by looking at the 3 years ahead of me. I don’t know.  I guess I’ll just stick around for this and next year, then see.

[Journal of Monday, 4 January 1993]

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