‘You’re whiter than I am.’ ‘I don’t know how to respond to that.’

“What’d you find to eat, boys?” Floral Brunette says to a dude who just showed up and to the other woman’s husband/fiancé (who said he saw “produce” along the road to the golf course he went to this morning, maybe).

“How’s your pedicure, Joe [or Jo?]” said Floral Bikini’s husband, apparently. She’d earlier — when dude said as first statement to me, “you’re whiter than I am,” and I said, “I don’t know how to respond to that,” and Floral Bikini said something like, if my husband (Mike? David? She might have said his name) would be worse. I pointed out my farmer tan and she said he’d have [that, too]. He’s also a little heavy — enough so that I don’t feel that bad in comparison. One of the couples is talking about their pastor, getting married — earlier they said someone asked what should the pastor wear, and they answered, clothes.

I heard they talked about Cubs — maybe they’re from Midwest. I could ask them where they’re from — but even if they’re from near where we live, they might be more like our partying neighbors … than we’d want to be friends with — eh, here by the pool, we’re OK.

[From journal of Fri., 29 July 2022, pages 160-1, written while I was poolside at our hotel in Aptos, Calif.]

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