Damn, I nearly said something cliched

I didn’t get all that much sleep last night and I hope to tonight but also, well, I’m not tired yet. Or maybe I am and I would’ve said something better about the Entourage movie. But it’s so weird how much of life they leave out – how, say, E and Sloane get along after they have their baby – it’s a little like the show “Click” where the Adam S. character fast-forwards thru his whole life – and … yeah, it turns out life is boring when it’s just the big moments. And yeah, I’m not saying I can or want to make the low-conflict moments into big moments – but, yeah, I guess I do – I guess I like pointing out that, well, those moments are … damn, I nearly said something cliched like, “It’s the little moments that matter most” – because that seems merely contrarian and of course, our culture doesn’t act like that at all. Our culture acts like it’s only the top finishers, the Super Bowls, that matter – and of course, I gave up watching the Bengals and the other team, the Chiefs, after Bengals sacked Burrows twice in 4 downs, or, I guess, on consecutive downs (2nd and 3rd) and on that last one, the Chiefs dude just pretty much hugged Burrows and that was the sack – it’s …. fine. But, yes, Bengals lost.

[From school journal of 30 Jan. 2023]

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