Humans take a long time to develop, no?

I am a little proud that I’ve gotten even to my current age – and I’m a little proud of the writing I do and have done, and sometimes when I read something I wasn’t aware of (had forgotten) writing, I’m impressed. And it’s taken over 40 years for me to get to be the writer I am now – humans take a long time to develop, no? Of course, I have been writing all along and making texts since I was, jeez, a damned kid – 5 or 6? And so it takes a while but even when I was a novice writer, I still was making texts – not the same kind or quality of texts as I make now, but texts that are still texts, texts like my goldfish story, backed between two pieces of cardboard as covers – speaking of which, I may want to repurpose some book covers when I make my next home-journal book. … I showed [to one of my classes] my “Are you getting vinyl? I’m getting wood” teacher quote from a few years ago. The person who said that is no longer a teacher here – he took another job. Anyway, yeah, that’s a thing that I heard, and I wrote it down, and it’s the grit, the friction, in the all-too-seamless story of my teaching experiences – I mean, it grit is in the daily doings, not in the overview/summary.

[From school journal of 7 March 2023]

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