It’s a good day – because it’s not a bad day, really

So, it’s Tuesday, 14 Feb. 2023, and 1st hour, 8:05, and I’m in A106 and I will take attendance later – tho I suppose I should attend to it now. OK, 8:07, and I’ve attended. And, yeah, yeah: so, it’s a decent morning. I mean, weather’s mild (40 degrees F, car said) and I have no specific problems or pains today. … There was a belch from southwest corner of classroom – and no “excuse me” or apology – a little crass there – ah, well … 

“Sh,” I said to Ivon. I know, he answered. “So, then, you know, hush,” I thought to say but didn’t. He was talking (to Markus, I think). … 

And anyway, it’s an open day (another SW-corner belch), a good day – because it’s not a bad day, really.

[From school journal of Tues., 14 Feb. 2023, 1st hour. Journal 374]

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