My Bibiologory

I’ve been thinking lately … that I’ve got a lot of texts. A lot of pics, too, and freewrites (I’m not sure where they all are, actually – I mean, I’d have to seek them out, esp. the older ones. Some are on paper, too, and some are files on my School’s Google Drive) … Maybe it’s because I’m nearing 50 and I’m feeling that I’ve accomplished some things and I want to make a pile of them. I started a file on my personal Google account yesterday to make an inventory of my inventions (idea from this morning  – etymology of invent?) – and yeah, I could also add my newspaper writings – I’m mostly just looking to make a compiled index, a bibiologory (ha! bibliography) – but including (hey, that smell–ha! – that spelling was an accident …  I like the term “bibiologory.” It was an accident but I need a name more than just “index.”

… Think about all the heavy blocks of art paper that I bring into the house and they get made into journals and never leave! A house as a museum of things I’ve made (of things an artist made) – like a bibiologory but, you know, more space-filling.

[From school journal of 17 Feb. 2023, 3rd hour.]

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