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Poetry Bingo instructions

I’ve referred to the Poetry Bingo creative writing activity before, and I’ve published some poems that resulted from it, but I wanted here to post the directions I’ve been using lately, along with a couple filled-in examples (Day 1 empty … Continue reading

Cleave these completed poems! August 2021 notes

† I could look in tree bark or other textures for quasi-letter shapes, words, sentences — yes, it’s interpretive, but kind of a cool random-writing/interpretive idea, not so different from Poetry Bingo [an activity in my creative writing class] or … Continue reading

The hum & crackle of possibility in real life: October pics & notes

Writings I do as myself, where I am trying to mean

When I say “journal” now, I’m generally using that to describe writings I do as myself, where I am trying to mean, trying to say what I mean, and also, to mean what I say (or I correct myself … … Continue reading

‘Chickens waste heroic dreams’: Creating and revising poems in class

After my students made poems using the Poetry Bingo technique, I modeled a poetry-revision method. I led a class discussion-and-creation session in which we took four 10-word poems and brainstormed several new two-word phrases from those. We grouped some of … Continue reading

‘Something brilliant and beautiful’: A week’s worth of notes

± “Mister (pause), yeah,” is how I was greeted by a student who’s new to my class this semester and couldn’t recall my name. 30 Jan. ± “I got really mad so then I ate candy to spite her,” said … Continue reading

Teach Like Me

Here are links on this blog specifically about teaching writing–mostly creative writing–to high school students. Writing Activities Exquisite Corpse (examples here) Sound Poems (starting with pre-word sounds) Poetry Bingo (select words randomly, make into poems) Introducing Rhythm in Poetry … Continue reading