When my dog Sammy was a puppy, 2008

When my dog Sammy was a puppy, 2008

Those wishing to bask in my humility directly may contact me at this following email address:




(Delete all the asterisks and replace the preposition with the sign above the “2” key to get the accurate info.)

4 responses to “Contact

  1. bubblesandkiwi

    I love the picture of your dog its so cute ❤

  2. Hello Mr.Hagemann.
    I’m still waiting for my Mr.Hagemanns teachings book. Di you forget about me??

    • I’m sorry it’s late, but I didn’t forget about you — it’s been done since Summer, and I look at it sometimes on my desk and think, “I should send that to Iselin” but then I forget. Sorry! I’ll put it in mail this week!

      Mr H.

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