Most-Genius Posts

The Humble Genius in his natural habitat: The humility stage

The Humble Genius in his natural habitat: The stage of selflessness

Here are some of my favorite and/or

most-brilliant posts

“Literary Capital of Alabama”: Monroeville as Harper Lee’s Maycomb: Part 1, Part 2 (June 2016)

Byronfest posts: 2014, 2015, 2016

Big Things Photographed from Inches Away (Sept. 2015, July 2016)

Quotes and notes transcribed from life (Ongoing series)

My ‘Teachings’: Single-copy books (Ongoing category)

Collected Notes and Quotes, 2015

Living outside of stories, or When does Lennie poop? (August 2014)

‘Boyhood’ and Nonfiction Across Time (July 2014 — Freshly Pressed!)

Why teachers need tenure (May 2014)

‘The Bible — is there a lot of parts to that?’: Overheard in my study hall (April 2014)

Overheard at the wedding reception of Steve and Rachel (April 2014)

The memoirist’s Faustian bargain (March 2014)

All Satisfying Stories Have Morals: A Reader’s Critical Perspective (Feb. 2014)

A Philosophy of Creativity (Feb. 2014)

A Summary of my Fundamental (and Temporary) Beliefs (Jan. 2014)

The Past is not -7: Remembering to Forget (Jan. 2014)

The Old Man and ‘The Old Man and the Sea’: All stories are bullshit — which includes the explanation of “all narrators are unreliable narrators” (Nov. 2013)

Beyond genres, writing as a way to live (Nov. 2013)

‘Word World’ and the problem of plurals (Aug. ’13 — Freshly Pressed!)

Awkward pictures from a zoo (Aug. ’13)

‘You the smartest bitch in this place’: What if brains were sexy? (Aug. ’13)

A mental tourist: Visiting others’ minds through their texts (Aug. ’13)

Writer’s High: Are Writers Having Enough Fun? (July ’13)

Foreshadowing, artifice, and being alive (July ’13)

At Mick Donald’s: Arm Tatts, Beardy McTankTop, the Pretenders, and me (June ’13)

A Doctorate in Here and Now (June ’13)

Math isn’t real, but neither are ‘atoms’ (June ’13)

On royalty and sigils of high schools: The Fightin’ Ebolas? (May ’13)

The ‘true story’ paradox: Toward a defensible nonfiction (Feb. ’13)

$6 for story, $10 for good story (Feb. ’13)

Beyond the Senses (graphic fiction) (Nov. ’12)

Editing to Remove Context (Nov. ’12)

More boring than silence: a runny-nose manifesto (Oct. ’12)

Freewriting: What to post when there’s nothing to post (Oct. ’12)

Poetry: Drafts of ‘Split My Thumb’ (Sept. ’12 — Freshly Pressed!)

Writing in the present vs. writing about the past (or, Edward Abbey’s narrative B.S.) (Aug. ’12)

The Mystery of Where the Words Come From (Aug. ’12)

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