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1872 Rochelle map

The following photos of Rochelle are from an 1872 Atlas of Ogle County, seemingly published by Everts, Baskin and Stewart. The Rochelle map is identified as “Drawn & Compiled by Frank Krause, C.E. Anamosa, Ia.” These photos were taken in recent months from two copies of this atlas, both held at Ogle County Recorder’s Office.

Click on each photo to zoom in. In next screen, note the “full size” option.

Note the locations of school (current block of Central School), old cemetery, quarry (Spring Lake), C&I (currently BNSF) railroad, etc.

I like that this map shows the names of the early additions to the original plat of the town (later city) of Lane (by 1865, “Rochelle”), and it shows the early (pre-1907) names of the streets. That section of Main Street south of Jefferson Street that angles to the southeast seems to be the same path as the Rockford-Ottawa road marked on the 1840-41 survey. The Powell responsible for “Powell’s Addition” is Charlotte Powell, who was the original purchaser of that land from the federal government, and who also deeded the cemetery above to the “Trustees of the Burying Grounds of Hickory Grove” in 1856 (link forthcoming). This cemetery would be closed to burials by 1875.

Closer view of the north end of Rochelle.

Closer view of the south end of Rochelle. Note the Southworth addition, much of which is a golf course today.

Closer-in view of Cherry Street and railroads in downtown Rochelle. Note “Rochelle House” and “Simpson House,” two early hotels.

From same atlas, a view of Flagg Township (Township 40 North and Range 1 East of the 3rd Principal Meridian) and property owners therein.

From the same atlas, a “Sectional Map of Illinois”: