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How I can play within that language-world flexibility!

I graded pretty much all day. I mean, I took time to recheck zeroes, take out zeroes of essays that had been submitted, and to conference with kids who hadn’t turned in Career Essay. I let a few of them turn work in Monday morning.

Ah, well. And so it goes. [A former student] posted to Facebook a Vonnegut reading—and [student] said his voice was surprising. I reposted it but haven’t listened to it. Turned off TV after MASH at 7, then

First day of finals is today, as I just wrote under today’s entry in table of contents—chart of contents? List? Anyway, I’m guessing [former student] knew of KVJ from Mr. ___’s class—whereas R__, D__ & I shared Vonnegut with each other, without a teacher, which is actually fine, too, of course. There’s nothing wrong with discovering stuff on your own.

Going over student poems yesterday, the CW1 revised poems, … I noticed I liked some of the sound-alike poems more than [students’] selected poems. I was reminded—on seeing a line about the “panda’s Jupiter,” something like that—that there is, well, or can be, worlds within worlds in terms of poetic language—how open, unfixed, language-world is! …

How I can play within that language-world flexibility! How fun that can be—when I’m not so otherwise exhausted. I have been reading online this morning, and clearly I’m writing and reading what I’ve written, as it’s being written. Now,  but [also] earlier today, I thought that maybe I just don’t want to read any extra at all today. Eh, don’t be so hard on yourself.

[From journal of Fri., 18 Dec. 2015, Journal 218, page 21-2]

Maybe be skeptical of those impulses

Back now, at 7:26 stove time, from pooping while looking at little books I kept in book bag from 2007 ’til 2013 (since then, I’ve filled a book a year). I couldn’t find the [boss’s] jellyfish story there in that notebook, or in the 2001-2007 Moleskine. And I had some other thoughts I wanted to write down here, but they seem gone for now.

Here’s a note from my bedstand notebook dated 5 Mar: “President Baker” (a name I read or heard somewhere) as if Baker weren’t a name but a description of someone who turns presidents into potpies.

And so, I guess today will be a grading day, maybe also a posting day. Yeah, you don’t need to look at stuff and think whether or how you could post it, and to blog or Facebook—maybe be skeptical of those impulses, as I have been lately, those impulses (I saw two robins fighting moments ago, and I noticed that the grass—a strip of grass just south of neighbor’s house seems far greener than most of the other grass around) those impulses to publish right away (Ms. ___ roared past a couple minutes ago. M’s shoes are leaving little indentations in the hardwood—M says she walks on tiptoes) are from ego, are small, closed ideas. I would rather share open ideas, like not telling people what to think. Don’t compare Byron’s beaches to Cancun’s—but just look for a moment at what’s here.

(Dog pulled the leash away from me yesterday, when I’d stopped along rec. path to photo a small, solitary piece of snow—and dog usually stops when he’s not attached to me but he kept going into the prairie. He seemed pretty excited to smell, to hunt.) (Also, my phone did some odd things when I put it in pocket yesterday while I was logged in—it took me a while to figure out how to get the date and weather “widget” back.)

Maybe I can show my pics just as they are, without much comment, and maybe my poems, like the ones I made last week with magpo.com, are, or can be, similarly open-ended. That I don’t gotta tell people what to think about my pics or my poems—

And I don’t gotta tell them what to think about education or anything else in the present tense—in those essay-type things I write where I explain something I’m thinking now—that that’s OK, too, if I do that.

There can be many ways of reading my blog–by chrono, or reverse chrono, by category, to topic—search, etc. etc. The whole document is hypertext—there’s almost no one way to read it—though I guess older to newer is the structure of the blog—the blog’s structure’s suggestion/implication.

[From journal of Thurs. 26 March 2015, Journal 206, page 83-4]

Tornado half a mile wide: Rochelle-Fairdale 2015

So, yesterday was 150th anniversary of the Appomattox Court House surrender. It’s also the date of the Ashton-Rochelle-Fairdale tornado—about 7 p.m. The sirens went off about 6:10 and dog, cat, and I went to basement. I called M at her office—she came home about 6:30 or so. About 6:50, TV upstairs (Candice King, Channel 17) was talking about a tornado spotted at Ashton, where it damaged Crest Foods building (the one along Rt. 38, I’m guessing), then destroyed houses at Skare Park (went just south of Mom’s) and also the house at SE corner of Queens and Bethel, according to T.G. on Facebook. M said E.D. reported that her house is gone, one dog dead, another needing to be put down. Then tornado severely damaged (not actually “leveled,” as Whitney Martin on Chan. 23 said) Grubsteakers at 251 & 64, NE corner. Weird to see national media—Weather Channel—talk about “Grubsteakers.” And I’m wondering about Maplehurst facility near there. Tornado half a mile wide, a “wedge tornado,” wider than tall—more common in Great Plains (Tornado Alley) than here.

Then, media reports say, tornado took out Fairdale (killed a woman [actually, two women], damaged every building in town) …

Sheriff Brian Van Vickle made a brief press statement. TV people were saying tornado was E.F. 2 or 3, but that National Weather Service damage estimators would be looking at it. Someone also said winds of 91 mph, I seem to recall.

And so, BVV also said there’s a check-stop at Flagg and Skare as of 5 a.m. and people need to get credentials at RTHS west lot, where Red Cross is set up. This was on Facebook this morning. I also shared an Ogle Sheriff notice from last night that said to “stay out of these areas!!!!” (Always good advice—a joke I’ll make later, you know, when there’s “plus time” added to this tragedy).

My student J.P., her name was attached to a video of tornado shown on local news—I think it was there. It was also online at, maybe WIFR page? Facebook damage pics were better than those at WIFR or WTVO websites. M said she was so tired but she was on her phone about this from 6:30 til after 10.

[From journal of Fri. 10 April 2015, Journal 207, page 99-100]