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My dog, acting cold

Here are two pictures of my dog begging to come inside during our blizzard of two days ago.

2015_02_01_mh (2)

His expression is sincere enough, but this is pretty good acting for a dog was was outside for, at most, a couple minutes.

2015_02_01_mh (1)

Our Household Pet of the Week!

After hearing a local radio station advertise its pet of the week, I realized we should have one for our household. So I’d like to announce that our Pet of the Week is Sammy Dog:2014_01_02_mh (120)_cropAnd I’d also like to add that this honor is retroactively conveyed upon him for the previous 108 weeks. Judges cited his loyalty, affection, and his pooping-outdoors as what put him over the top.

Our Also Ran for Pet of the Week is Justice Cat. His “Also-Ran” status is also conveyed upon him for the previous 108 weeks he has lived in our home.

2014_01_01_mh (8)_cropI’d like to advise the cat that he’d be a more serious competitor for Pet of the Week if he’d improve his relationship with the judges by not trying to sleep on their faces and by not pawing at seemingly every available vertical surface in the house between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Also, if he’d stop biting our ankles when he wants attention, or revenge, or for whatever reason he bites our ankles.

A song that’s right twice a day

“It’s six-fifty-0ne for the kitty cat;

it’s 6:51 for the puppy dog;

it’s 6:51 for everyone in the Central Time zone.”

(The above lyrics have a tune. I’m not sure how to quickly convey it here, but basically, imagine the tune of a jingle in a commercial for a heating-cooling contractor produced for local TV in the 180th-largest local TV market. Not quite this, but close.)