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‘Free zucchini’: A story of hope and naivete

Saturday morning, 16 August 2014, Byron, IL

Saturday morning, 16 August 2014, Byron, IL

Zucchini squash are so plentiful in Midwest hamlets at this time of year that it’s purely wishful thinking to think “free” is an inducement. Usually, the squash-burdened gardener has to force this produce on her friends, family, neighbors, and everyone else she sees. The classic joke is that we small-towners lock our car doors not so much to prevent people stealing our stuff but to stymie those who would break in to leave zucchini. Still, attempting to just give them away demonstrates admirable hope, if also naivete.

NIMBY bunnies: Chicago dumps rabbits on rurals

A Chicago Tribune article last Sunday about the 10th anniversary of Millennium Park contained this tidbit:

Unexpected invaders: The park’s 5-acre Lurie Garden has had some unwelcome visitors: rabbits who ate bark on some of the garden’s trees, killing them. [Edward Uhlir, executive director of the Millennium Park Foundation, the nonprofit organization that helps manage the 24.5-acre public space] thinks the rabbits crossed into the park on the snaking, Gehry-designed BP Bridge.

Last year, Uhlir said, trappers hired by the park caught 60 rabbits in the garden and later let them go at a “certified release site” about 100 miles west of Chicago. Then a fox appeared in the garden. This year, only three rabbits have been removed from the garden. “We think the fox was having dinner,” Uhlir said.

Hey, I live about 100 miles west of Chicago! Is it city officials’ fault that my green beans have just been denuded!?