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Links: Kindred Britain, Assad social media, etc.

1. This cool site — Kindred Britain — shows familial relations between thousands of famous Brits (and some others). It’s a little tricky to navigate, but very interesting for geneaology and history buffs.

2. The Assad family’s Instagram.

3. An argument that grandparents helped further civilization by using their hard-earned wisdom to help younger generations. (I wonder if this entirely holds true though when societies change and things that used to be commonly held beliefs now sound ignorant, or worse?)

4. How the N.S.A. weakens encryption schemes for much of online security. Sorta incredible, really.

5. Via The Dish, don’t write what you know.

6. Also via The Dish, a study suggests that one’s political passions undermine one’s ability to think logically.

7. Half of the U.S. population lives in these few counties.

Links: 28 May 2013

1. Why high school rankings are meaningless and harmful. This article makes good points about systems used to rank high schools. Of course, the deeper question is whether it makes sense to talk about the quality of a school without using the cases of particular students in the classes of particular teachers.

2. On the subjective experience of time–includes discussion of the work of Prof. Eagleman, also profiled here.

3. On the subjectivity of the sense of smell. This post mentions androstenone, which is found in pigmeat, but also cilantro has different tastes for different folks.

4. On how our happiness changes with age. Author discusses how a young-adult’s sense of risk-seeking becomes the middle-ager’s risk-avoiding.

5. A point about how we’re all pretty much related as of a couple thousand years ago, geneaologically speaking.

6. Global warming news summary, including a link to an article rebutting deniers.

7. a. Apostrophes aren’t necessary.

7. b. Apostrophes really aren’t necessary (by McWhorter).

7.c. Yet more apostrophes.