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Links: New poet laureate, poems for the masses, etc.

1. New U.S. poet laureate: Charles Wright.

2. “The best poetry is not always accessible, and the most accessible poetry is usually not good.”

3. Flash fiction as prose poems?

4. The case for typos in the age of spellcheck

5. Where old English was clearer: the two “th” sounds, thorn and eth. Also, here’s a list of other letters that were once used in English, but not so much these days.

6. Linguistic trivia: German speakers have difficulty with “squirrel,” and Canadians having difficulty with the German equivalent

7. Hannah Arendt on irony, as against David Foster Wallace’s definition of irony.

8. Profile of poet Geoffrey Hill.

9. Recent articles on poet Patricia Lockwood, here, here, here, and here.


10. William Logan: “Poetry: Who Needs It?”

Poetic sounds: German vs. English, French, etc.

A demonstration for my poetry students and others interested in the sounds of words across languages (and, sure, the pronunciation is exaggerated):