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Small-town athletes: Disrobe your opponents!

So, the plastic-cup-in-fence artists are back again this fall (apparently unfazed after this unfortunate editing incident last fall), promoting local school-sports success on a wire fence across the street from the schools. Their work includes this representation of the Byron Tiger mascot (though there’s never been a wild tiger within thousands of miles of Byron, Illinois):


and this:


But the most disturbing piece of advocacy art might be this:

20140904_162547Now, “the Cogs” referred to by the cups is most likely the mascot of the upcoming football opponent from the nearby hamlet of Genoa (pronounced “jen-OH-uh,” unlike its Italian namesake). (See here for more ridiculous high school mascots). And perhaps this is an attempt to boost the local athletes by encouraging them to visit not merely victory but figurative destruction upon their opponents. But a quick read of this sign without the contextual background sure seems like my hometown school boosters are advocating sexual violence against machine parts.

UPDATE: Byron’s high school football team did figuratively strip the Cogs, 35 to 20.

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