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A song that’s right twice a day

“It’s six-fifty-0ne for the kitty cat;

it’s 6:51 for the puppy dog;

it’s 6:51 for everyone in the Central Time zone.”

(The above lyrics have a tune. I’m not sure how to quickly convey it here, but basically, imagine the tune of a jingle in a commercial for a heating-cooling contractor produced for local TV in the 180th-largest local TV market. Not quite this, but close.)

Quotation/nonfic: “Kitty falls asleep looking like …

As we sat in our front room this evening, with a cozy fire, my wife reading a novel and the cat lying on the footrest of her recliner, she said,

“Kitty falls asleep

looking like

he’s doing some sort

of somersault dive.”

My wife didn’t say it as a poem, but it didn’t look right zooming across the page like prose that didn’t know when to stop.