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Links: Milgram obedience study, Calvin & Hobbes

1. An NPR story about the lasting legacy of the Milgram human-obedience experiments.

2. AVClub visits locations used in “Back to the Future.

3. A map made of one dot per person, color-coded by race, in the U.S.

4. An Atlantic post detailing bias in news reports about the president’s decision on Syria.

5. A Dish post discussing how people felt about their children when infant mortality was greater than now.

6. A Calvin & Hobbes tribute!

Link: Visiting places named in books

From The Dish: A website, Placing Literature, gives map locations for places named in books. I’m not big into “literary tourism” myself, but a few years back, I visited the address in Chelsea, Manhattan, where Kerouac reportedly wrote the roll that became “On The Road,” and I was intrigued to find out it overlooks a seminary — a quiet neighborhood in which to manically write a book.