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Congrats to ‘Get Out Alive’ Winners!

My uncle Lucky and cousin Louie won the first season of “Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls” tonight!

get out alive_winnerIt has been neat to see the community support them in this competitive journey. Here is a picture from the Stillman Valley village hall a few weeks ago:

Lucky_Louie_Aug14_2013I’m gonna quote my brother Nace here, from a comment on his Facesbook page:

[Lucky & Louie] never said Anything…. I just know that Lucky could teach Bear a few things about the woods, so I figured if there was anything real about the show at all, he had to see that. And I believe that they were almost the only ones EVER shown Laughing !

I gotta add here that my uncle Lucky took me and my brothers on many camping and fishing and hunting trips over the years, and it’s very cool to see him get recognition for things he’s been so passionate about for his whole life: both being in the outdoors and helping challenge others to try things they may not have thought they could do (a slide-for-lifeĀ  into the quarry pond, the limb-leap onto the rope swing, the wild-meat meals, and many more). It’s very cool to see this award go to such a great person.

UPDATE: Here’s an interview Lucky & Louie did with NBC-5 Chicago.

Watching my cousin watch herself on TV

Andrea "Louie" Larson watches "Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls"

Andrea “Louie” Larson watches “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls”

Last night, I watched my cousin Louie watch herself as a contestant on “Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls,” a show that took several people to New Zealand and challenged them to do survival skills. One of these in last night’s third episode involved chopping up old logs to get grubs, and then eating these grubs.

Seeing this on TV, Louie said, “I cooked my grubs. They tasted like burnt popcorn. I would eat another grub” in the future.

My cousin Louie is funny. On the show, she and her father, my uncle Lucky, were racing against others to make and paddle a boat out to a distance in the water. After they were the first of the contestants to launch their own boat, host Bear Grylls commented, “Lucky and Louie, they’re on the move,” to which Louie in real life responded, “Not in a good way,” as their boat went, she said, only “five feet from shore–five feet.” She explained that they kept trying to paddle their tanking craft, but a show crew member told them, “You must come back. You are less than 20 percent out of the water.”

As they filmed this reality show, the cameras followed the contestants much of the time — there wasn’t much privacy — and when cousin Louie saw a shot of herself in only her underwear, she said, “Oh, my gosh, my underwear — they’re really gonna show that right now?”

Lucky and Louie survived last night’s episode and so will be seen on upcoming weeks on Mondays at 8 Central Time.

Link: ‘Get out Alive’ contestants

Here’s a link to the contestants’ mini-bios for the “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls” show. The first two here, Louie and Lucky, are my cousin and my uncle.