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‘Little chants today’: Poem

Little chants today: his positive diamond

puppy says vibration friendly warms, pleases.

He juiced rainbow’s purplest world ‘til 

laughter cried sunshine. Said Good: “Stop.”

Was our picture’s wonder alive to

give her moon no peach shadow?

Than today, over these, blood could – 

would – will dew through my feet.

— created by your humble genius, via magpo.com

Poem: A cat IS a cloud

Some smoke from a cake —

more steam than icing —

clouds a cat.

Some grass became pie

under dark candy-bugs.

A breeze tree, a growl in the belly,

is a smile on porcelain, or

a window with a heart.

Caramel and coffee with fish

make dirt, an eye, and a cup.

Candy glass:

my brother in sky;

a cat IS a cloud

[Written 2013 Nov. 4 using magpo.com. As I was playing around, a process idea came along: use no verbs, pick only concrete nouns – though some got used as adjectives and as figurative language]

Poem: A Decaying God

a decaying god

explores what he once

desired. he wakes a ghost

— a liquid-colored eye –

that never remembers

the growl of grass

on an autumn eve, when

even bugs breathe a lip rhythm

on an iced flower.



smoke works.



the night bleeds sex — an

eternal candy —

and, and air, and —


kiss her here. that window

haunts a sacred self.