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Past-tense, present-tense names

For the verb draw, my dictionary lists the past tense form as drew.

So then, people named Drew, like my neighbor’s son, have a past-tense name. I wonder if having a past-tense name influences how he experiences time — maybe he only senses things that have already happened. Well, I guess we all kinda do that. (For more, see here.)

Maybe if he’d been named Draw instead, he’d be experiencing the world in present-tense? Or if he had a name like Margot, which is presumably the present tense of Mar-went?

Photos: Local campaign signs

Note: The photos below, taken 3 April, show the signs as they appear from local streets. The arrangements of multiple signs were as I found them; I picked my locations for photographing, but I didn’t move any signs.

Ah, Ogle County politics — will you never cease to amaze me?

First, apparently character Tyrion Lannister from “Game of Thrones” is running (though I’d be surprised if this “Halfman” were even aware of that show):

2013_04_03_mh (1)_cropped

Then there’s this:

2013_04_03_mh (24)_cropped

and the 13th U.S. President is (almost) back as well:

2013_04_03_mh (72)_cropped

And finally, some terrific names for would-be politicians:

2013_04_03_mh (77)_cropped 2013_04_03_mh (74)_cropped