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‘Perfection is not beautiful’

While the paragraphs quoted below were making a point about human appearance, I read these and thought that this sentiment also could apply to any and all endeavors where perfection is sought:

The moral couldn’t be more clear: REAL faces are beautiful. We need to work a little harder to see that — privately and publicly, alone and together. We need to turn our gaze away from the shiny reconstructions, and start celebrating what’s real. We need to look in our mirrors and acknowledge what’s there. This is not feminist boosterism. This is not a way of blaming women for their choices. Every woman has a right to her own choices about how to handle the pressures of being a woman at this ruthless time in our history.

But we ALSO need to say this together: Real beauty is unique and flawed. Perfection is not beautiful, and real beauty is never perfect. Look in the mirror and see what’s actually there. Not a comparison to some nonexistent ideal. Look at what’s there. Your flaws make you beautiful. Your dark circles make you beautiful. Once you can see how gorgeous your flaws are… , you will be transformed into something much more magical than a pretty princess, holding her breath forever. You will be FORMIDABLE.

Questlove on hip-hop culture

New York magazine has an essay series by Questlove that I’ve really enjoyed reading:

1.When the People Cheer:How Hip-Hop Failed Black America

2. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: How Hip-Hop Failed Black America, Part II

3. Questlove’s How Hip-Hop Failed Black America, Part III: What Happens When Black Loses Its Cool? I’m interested in the idea of cool as related to creativity rather than passivity.

4. Questlove: Disco and the Return of the Repressed — How Hip-Hop Failed Black America Part IV

5. Questlove Answers Reader Questions About His ‘How Hip-Hop Failed Black America’ Series

6. Questlove: Does Black Culture Need to Care About What Happens to Hip-Hop?