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Poem: Notes are the notes of a noted gone world

At the Milwaukee County Zoo, Aug. 2013.

At the Milwaukee County Zoo, Aug. 2013.

(Don’t press for an overall theme from this poem — just read it aloud, perhaps enjoy the rhythms.)

                                                               oh, the people:

hard-hearted barkers of a technophobe’s display–

tremendous complicity, the elephant’s dismay;

tendrils of sanity, floating off the standpipe.

Harmonies of vanity rage thru the open mic.

No one notices what everybody knows;

ten-footed toadstools muck up the nose.

Marble-handled pitchforks do no good;

toothless mongooses snort out loud.

Motherless ducklings are really swans;

motherless adults are orphaned blondes.

It matters not whether day or sky,

but floating all into the pile

of platitudes and punditry, mockery erase

snowed-over battlements, totally defaced.

Motorized cannibals mount an attack;

the donut store carnival, alley in back.

Notes are the notes of a noted gone world;

skin is the fin in the shark unfurled.

Mickey Mouse carousel betrays Minnie Mouse —

                              he’s giving rides all day long.