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It’s been warmer this week, and no new snow.

It’s been warmer this week, and no new snow. The accumulated snow has largely disappeared, excepting the huge piles of snow at edges of streets and parking lots. Temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s — no 50-degree heat waves, but no 0s like a week before or so (yeah, Gordyville Jan. 29 was in the single digits). It’s nice that the snow melted, making the streets safer for all humanity, and that it hasn’t been replaced, but what we’ve been left with is brownness — brown everywhere on the open prairie. It’s supposed to be in the upper 30s and 40s for the next several days, and yeah, that’s more welcome than the zeros. It’s sort of a no-man’s land. You can’t expect spring in the first week of February. It’s not bad out, but it’s not exactly pleasant either, but it’s about the best one can expect for the first week in February, so I trudge on with my job. Weather like this leaves not a whole lot left to look forward to.

[From journal of Thurs., 6 Feb. 1997, Journal 16, page 205]

I’m listening to the Super Bowl on the radio

I’m listening to the Super Bowl on the radio — not a bad way to see it — the action more exciting when described, “word pictures,” rather than regular pictures. But radio solves a dilemma. I was considering watching the game on TV, the most-watched program all year, which also therefore is the biggest advertising event of the year. I didn’t want to be part of that mass-target audience. On the other hand, those are the best ads of the year — still, they’re ads.

[From journal of Sunday, 26 Jan. 1997, Journal 16, page 201]

As M was looking at bank records

As M was looking at bank records, she found a debit charge for $100 on 23 June that she couldn’t interpret. I went to the Chronicle [these journals] (like the Anglo Saxon Chronicle — I read about it over the weekend — this annual listing of events — this is how we measure time, especially if your calendars are a little shaky — how they’d (scribes would, I guess) add big events — a king’s marriage, battles, etc. — to these Chronicle books).

And I read yesterday about Yiddish language — and English — and that Yiddish is a Germanic Language written with Hebrew letters — guess I wasn’t aware of that, exactly. There wasn’t a lot to read online over the weekend — Wikipedia diving’s always an option. I tried to nap again in 2 p.m. hour but after a few minutes, I felt I should get up and grade, so I did. Dog had some spells on the back deck. He came in and smelled good — both this doggy smell (a “good dog spell,” M quoted B___ as saying of Sam) and the fresh smell of the winter outdoors.

[From journal of Tues., 16 Feb. 2016, Journal 222, page 47-8]

I’m interested in finding an approach (no doubt there can be many) to publishing journals

And when I looked at my old journal this morn, I read about having spent a Sunday (I think) watching History of Broadway musicals — and that’s fine — not all that worth publishing, though, which has gotta be OK, too, because you have written many things in the journals that you wouldn’t want to publish. I’m interested in finding an approach (no doubt there can be many) to publishing journals, the way I feel I found a way by (a form in) which to publish pocket pages ideas and quotes. And so, though I didn’t feel good last night, I considered reading old journal entries to see if there’s a way. I mean, I have faith that I will find a way. I didn’t know ahead of time that I could do most of what I’ve done. …

And so, yeah — I don’t know what it’d look like, quite. Ah, well. I mean, I’m probably too tired to figure it out today. Well, no, I’m not trying to “figure it out” — but rather, I’d like to just offer some broad strokes. I do like the idea I had a week ago or so that

[Warmed up soup for dinner. Had cheese and crackers but almost didn’t need it. It’s nice not being as hungry as when well. That’s a nice thing about being sick.]

… journals are a holistic thing, where I combine various aspects of my life, whereas pocket pages entries are more distinct one to the next — whereas journals are more knitted together — sometimes. But sometimes there are juxtaposes, too. Do I cut out samples? See, I’m not sure. Those journal entries may not be able to support themselves, like each pocket page entry can (sorta).

[From journal of Tues., 19 Jan. 2016, Journal 220, page 9-10]

This is why I have had so many awkward interactions, especially with women

6:00 (A.M., phone time) So, yeah — here I am. I’d thought I could lead off by saying that I realized yesterday that I’m probably “on the spectrum,” autism-wise. I mean, I do feel I can read people’s moods most of the time — people aren’t that opaque to me. On other hand, maybe I’m just German (I watched a couple more German Girl in America videos last night — she said Germans tend not to do small talk).

But I saw yesterday, in a Lithub essay suggesting Thoreau was on spectrum, was not “neurotypical,” that people on spectrum hate to lie, or are very honest. Here and I thought that was an admirable trait! Ah, well. At least I do feel I’ve more-or-less outgrown the sense that I need to try to make friends with colleagues or get them to appreciate my ideas. Ah well. So, but the nice thing I felt yesterday — I laughed about this, I laughed as I read this line — I was alone in my room over lunch — is, OK, so, maybe this is why I just don’t quite get the social scene (M said she too is not neurotypical.. She said last night that she never understood how people — regular people — were satisfied with their regular-people lives — volleyball, for example … these people M knew through church, they played volleyball and had dull-seeming lives. M said she didn’t know how these lives were satisfying. M did say that she liked being on college campuses, around other atypicals.)

So, yeah, I can start to accept this about me. This is why I have had so many awkward interactions, especially with women. But it’s not like I didn’t realize these interactions were awkward!

[From journal of Thurs., 26 Aug. 2021, Journal 346, page 117-8]

Got a C on last quiz … things looking up in Calc.

9-30-1992: Stayed up Tuesday night to see Gramps’s show. … Went to NeXT lab and typed paper. Did revision ’til late tonight. Got back test and quiz. Got a C on last quiz, and 73/100 on test 1. Things looking up in Calc. Took SS120 test — think I did OK. Worked in lab at night and did revisions ’til midnight.

Got back CS211 quiz — 40/40!

Got letter from Kim, wrote back.

10-1-1992: Rabbit, rabbit, etc. Typed Resp. #3 revisions during SS120 — we got out because of test previous night. Watched Kilbourne [sp?] movie in HU — got out early — no teacher. Pep Band. Calc. Wrote to Phoebe & Papa. [Dorm roommate] Gerrad & I went to Jay’s after he quit McD’s. They weren’t home so we drove around. Went back later, then to Jim’s Foodmart. Called mom.

10-2-1992: Did laundry a.m.: 7 washer loads, 5 dryer loads. Only class was CS211, ’cause we took Calc off. Gerrad & I went up to Copper Harbor today. Beautiful — glittering golds, vibrant blood reds. Went to top of Brockway. Took whole roll of 36 exposures.

Ate at McD’s — I bought. Played B-ball with Derik. Went back to house. Watched TV. Went to BK w/ Gramps & Fish. Saw “Basic Instinct” — crowded theater, disappointing movie. 3 sex scenes, Sharon Stone’s breasts, and center-less sex scenes (kissing –> smoking). Art-direction: bright, washed-out scenes contrasted to dark scenes. Close-ups, unattractive, etc. … Got to bed around 1:30.

Sat., 10-3-1992: Got up late — 10 or so. Pep Band — Parade of nations 3 p.m. Interesting marching along sidewalks, no formation, running around the band (“Take the front,” “Take the back”). Met Mom & Dad around 5. We went up to Douglass Houghton Falls and over to McLain State Park. I drove. Then we unloaded and went to Hardee’s for dinner. Heard a Yooper in Hardee’s. Hardee’s is nice — it hasn’t been destroyed like BK & McDonald’s (by college students). Watched TV with Mom & Dad at Holiday Motel. Got back around 11 p.m.

Sun., 10-4-1992: Up early — 7:30. Breakfast at 8. Mom & Dad brought all kinds of stuff — box full of chips & crackers, 3 trays of cookies, disks[?], mail, mags, bum clothes, flannel shirts,. They took home trombone & tackle box, etc. Left at 9:30. Their leaving was harder on me than before. I bought paper, then tried to write a letter — I was sad and a little homesick. I cried. Intellectually I know that there’s nothing really for me at home. I’d just like to see the family. There isn’t much to do at home, but I just feel trapped here — like I couldn’t go home (or anywhere) even if I wanted to. I prepared the letter to send, but I don’t think I will. It’ll depress mom too much.

Did a little homework — read CS. Went over to Jay’s. We played B-ball with Griz[?], Gerrad, Jay, Derick and I. Kim called — talked for 1 hour. Her roommate Trish sounds neat (but, really, on the phone …)

Well, enough for the writing exercise.

Up ’til 1:30.

[From Journal 3, pages 271-272]

As I walk past the houses where I know the residents

As I walk past the houses where I know the residents — that is, anytime I’m outside my house in my neighborhood — I’m aware that we don’t get along. That [one neighbor] thinks our place is eyesore, that [another neighbor] is obnoxious, and [a third neighbor] is loud. Most of the others I don’t have relationships with. It’s only when I’m in the house that I can forget about these neighbors. Ah, well. Some we like, sure, but most we’re neutral-to-sour on. Ah, well.

And, yeah, I also had thought about experience as a noun —

But let me finish earlier point: had I lived in a communal setting, I might have had to learn to get along better. Maybe it was living in my own house that allowed me to get weird, get baroque in my personality, and now I need that alone-time — such that if my house ever did get destroyed and we needed to live at a place for a few weeks or months, I couldn’t really live with anybody else — I couldn’t move into a relative’s house, say.

[From journal of Sat., 18 Sept. 2021, Journal 347, page 26]

I wondered yesterday if I look old enough to qualify for senior discount

I wondered yesterday if I look old enough to qualify for senior discount of 5% on Tuesdays at Felker’s. How busy that place seemed yesterday, at least in parking lot. The snow falls. Stickers [“YES” in white letters on green square & “MAYBE” in black on yellow square] are from an NEA-endorsed California Casualty (I think) car-insurance offer. It might be cheaper, but I want a local agent.

And yeah, so I’m debating whether to submit my poems to Poetry mag — only 4 at a time, and it might take me 5 months — well, 4, their website’s submission page said — to hear back. I mean, I can wait, but, blerg, do I really care enough to want to bother with Poetry mag? I mean, what good would getting published do for me? It’d be kinda nice, I guess — but, eh — the downside is that, well, it’d seem to take an attitude toward poetry and publishing that I may not want to take. I don’t want to please editors or compete with others, even if I could compete credibly.

I mean, I like the fun I’m having with writing poems lately, whether with Magpo.com as on Friday or with the radical editing of Rod McKuen’s poems over recent weeks — and maybe my Rod McKuen re-edits wouldn’t stand on their own as well as they stand next to, and in contrast of, Rod’s poems. I mean, my point is, I think, that I love writing poems, the process, and the poems that are left really are almost the by-product of that experience. I’m not sure my poems are that great, on their own, as if I were to publish them in Poetry mag. But that my poems on my blog are just one aspect of my creativity, of the model of creative life I’m living — not quite that. That the poems, the journals, the drawings and photos, that all of these together are — are what? All these are together the image I want to show others? Well, yes, but no — more like, I want to show a life lived creatively — is that it? That I want to show others a way to live? That’s typically what I’m looking for in others’ art and in biographies and memoirs and philosophies — and so this is also what I want to show: I want to say that I’m not just a crafter of poems but that I’m an interesting person — that I’m still learning, and not trying to be a pedagogue — but that I do love doing art things, more than I want to sell these art things.

[From journal of Monday, 23 March 2015, Journal 206, page 58-9 ]

Just now a robin hopped

Just now a robin hopped to within inches of sliding doors on deck, then flew to deck rail and was at the northeast corner — but before I could write “corner,” it had flown away. 

I wanna say I first saw robins 10 days ago, maybe 2 weeks. But I do feel bad for them when there’s snow — how and what do they eat? Baby owls eat earthworms before they can really hunt. Documentary last night said owls hit their prey hard, with up to the force of 12 times body weight, in order to crush it. 

[From journal of Tues., 24 March 2015, Journal 206, page 64]

OK, I was off my phone for a while there

OK, I was off my phone for a while there, but now, about 3:10 p.m., I’m looking at AVClub, maybe briefly.

Phone [is put] away a couple minutes later. There’s gray woodgrain on short perpendicular wall to my left. There is texture to some apparent saw cuts but I don’t know, can’t say for sure, that it’s not some veneer product, some pressed sawdust thing. But, you know, the beautiful thing is that I don’t need to! I mean, how much I used to criticize fakeness in my journals from my earlier days — aged 19, 20, maybe — (well, I’m remembering sometimes where I did that, at least) — but now I don’t seem to care so much. Those things don’t seem to matter as much to me now. Maybe I, like so many others, do just want to be fed, warm, comfortable, safe — all these simple things. And yet, (a woman, maybe? in mirrored yellowish sunglasses and hair off forehead and looking at a cell phone and sitting with her back to west wall, looked 2 or 3 distinct (head-turned times) as the rainbow-suspenders girl left — was sunglasses checking her out?) Perhaps there’s an impulse, perhaps I feel an impulse, to reconcile everything — sitting here in a Starbucks on a Monday afternoon with the white pine wavering in breeze but staying in place with the cars zooming by on the road — only way to reconcile these in ideas is to go abstract.

It’s banal of me to sit here and write — maybe not “banal,” exactly, but common, unimpressive — for me, at least, even if it’d be surprising for others, certain others, to do this … Anyway, doesn’t matter. It’s common for me to do this (“how sweet it is to be loved by you” — the tambourine-heavy, non-(pre-?) James Taylor version. It is a Carole King song, right?) And yet it’s also kinda incredible that I’m a living being (and all living beings have DNA, right? Except virus with its RNA? But that’s kinda incredible, too, right? Suggesting a common start to life?). Well, it’s 3:26 p.m. I’ve got M’s only transport. I should probably shop and get back, see what Easter candy is at Woodman’s. Could use some of those bird-egg malted-balls things. I’m getting banal in talking about what’s banal and what’s not! Ha. (“I’ll be there” song now. Mostly I haven’t noticed the songs.) Ah, well. There remain the issues — like how is it that I’m a living being sitting here writing shit down, thinking, using a symbol system common to my culture? I’m doing what all humans are capable of doing, and I’m using words and ideas that aren’t all that hard to find in the culture I grew up within (and was educated within). I’m not all that special just because I write. Maybe there is something relatively unique in my — in how I think, or in what drives me to think, or how I’d like l [colleagues] to talk to me (to address an earlier-this-writing-session concern), but that I also don’t care too much about that. Friends seem harder to make these days, but mostly I’m too busy and tired to worry about that anyway.

[From journal of Mon., 21 March 2016, Journal 224, page 36-8]