Teach Like Me

Here are links on this blog specifically about teaching writing–mostly creative writing–to high school students.

Writing Activities

Exquisite Corpse (examples here)

Sound Poems (starting with pre-word sounds)

Poetry Bingo (select words randomly, make into poems)

Introducing Rhythm in Poetry

Magpo.com assignment. (uses magpo.com)

Creatively Translate a German poem into English, with revision ideas (some from this book.) I believe I read someplace that John Ashbery has his poetry students do a similar activity.

Kreativity Kwizzz

“Creative Writing 1” course calendar from 2016

Concepts of Creative Writing

“Teaching Writing” category listing.

2 responses to “Teach Like Me

  1. I like your links, young man.
    I think you’re in the US? Have you seen this Poetry Trust Toolkit? http://www.thepoetrytrust.org/images/uploads/pdfs/Toolkit%20for%20Teachers.pdf
    Full of handy hints.

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