Photos I didn’t take

Here are word-pictures of photos I didn’t take over the last two days:

  • beaded-up raindrops on the serrated leaves of a dandelion between two sidewalk slabs
  •  water drops on a yellow leaf lying on a bed of brown mulch
  • a steam cloud rising above a grain dryer, back-lit by orange sunrise light
  • the same steam cloud, orange against a slate-blue sky
  • silver grain bins lit from the left with whitish-yellow afternoon light against bruise-blue sky

Had these photos been actually taken, they may have been lovely, but, you know, I didn’t have my camera with me, and anyway, maybe it’s better anyhow that these images now exist as word-pictures (some visualization required).

4 responses to “Photos I didn’t take

  1. I like these word-pictures.
    They are easier for the reader to own.
    I have seen these things.
    They are known.
    But then, we share a mid-western canvas…

    • Yes, easier for the reader to own — I like how you said that. Perhaps descriptions like these share more of the observer’s perspective/consciousness with the audience than a photo would, so that the reader isn’t seeing only an image but also the reader is getting some of the writer/original viewer’s experience as well.

  2. I agree! You just shared these pictures as verbal snapshots… you’re a good photographer (so no knock intended), but these are likely better with all their vague, imaginary corners…

    • Thanks — and I’m starting to think there may be some similarity between these descriptions and some of the traditional Japanese haiku that describe a thing seen through the consciousness of the seer.

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