They had to be careful—they were writing for publication

Kitty just sorta stood on back paws to swat at dog, and left, and came back to attack dog’s tail. Dog paid little attention.

How loose were these words over time—shapes changed, etc., but we’ve got pretty specific spellings, etc., nowadays.

And the sports scores in Rockford Register Star—say, lately, the results of NCAA tourney—see, I don’t —they’re so much data to me, since I don’t follow the teams or, now without TV, I’m not even aware they’re happening—not that I attended much to these things—boys basketball—I’ve used a couple times lately the line that “I stopped paying attention to basketball when they took down the cage and disallowed body checking”—maybe not exactly that wording—”disallowed”?—but that brings up a couple things—one, how much more paper I fill than a medieval scribe would have filled—but then, they had to be careful—they were writing for publication (now that I’ve got this great hand-made book, I’d like to make it into some fancy illuminated book—maybe a “Sayings” edit).

Sh!t, I’m tired. I could close my eyes right now—not buying new things—#2, back above—how nimbly my brain can deal with sounds & letters & words—and can even take these lower-level symbolic/representational things somewhat for granted (though I have spend time sounding out the consonant sounds, etc.—I’ve been aware of the sound similarities between how our tongues make “T” & “D”—I learned that somewhat, partly, not fully though, on my own.)

Sarah Palin’s 40-something and more ambitious than I am. Romney’s aide’s Etch-a-Sketch comment—that he can erase all his extremist positions once the general election begins—has been widely mocked by the online mocking/cleverness classes.

[From journal of Sat., 24 March 2012, from Journal 158, page 18-9]

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