Emily Post in Rochelle, 1915

On a tour of historic buildings in Rochelle 14 Sept., guide Terry Dickow pointed to the former location of the Collier Inn at the northeast corner of Cherry Avenue and Main Street. The hotel was torn down in 1989, he said, but it had once hosted writer Emily Post on her cross-country car tour in 1915. She wrote about this tour in her book By Motor to the Golden Gate  (the link here happens to contain the chapter on Rochelle) and on page 77, she described the muddy roads between DeKalb and Rochelle. On page 82 of the book is an account of days — May 6 and 7, 1915 — spent in Rochelle, seeing movies at the Majestic Theater (which Dickow said was located just north of the Hub Theater) and staying at the Collier, which stay cost $8 for 3 rooms.

See mural about her visit info here.

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