‘But there are other options’

“But there are other options if you hate typical politicians or want to tell the establishment to go to hell, so why aren’t they similarly averse to Trump?”— Conor Friedersdorf, TheAtlantic.com, 20 May 2016, in an article titled “The Deep Cynicism of Trump’s Rape Accusation”

This quote seems to have the tone/tenor of many articles I’ve seen lately by rational, reasonable people, both “left-leaning” and David Brooks (and a few other conservatives) who seem desperate…in their pleas to appeal to Trump voters. But after talking to Trump fans (so M says) D__ & M___ last night, I wonder if a better response for now—6 months ahead of an election that already is nasty (Trump calling Bill Clinton a rapist this week) and promises to get worse —is to drop out of the conversation, stop reading. The Trump fans don’t seem to be rational, so they aren’t subject to persuasion.

[From journal of Sat., 21 May 2016, Journal 227, page 178]

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