Leave the fossils in the rocks, or the diamonds in the rough

And yeah, I have had some ideas I think are cool, might be valuable to others – but it seems funny, pointless, to cull those out and hang their hides on pikes – as if to dry them out. I’ll leave the ideas in place – leave the fossils in the rocks, or the diamonds in the rough – I mean, that’s inefficient – but then, I’m NOT trying to sell them! I’m trying to point out the process – and there might be students and others who WANT to see a process, you know? Or who just want rough, unpolished diamonds – … eh. Enough with the Metaphor.

Money, huh? I don’t really want my blog (which is not interested in money – I mean, I am not, thru my blog, interested in making money) – it could be repository of unsellable work, like Brautigan’s library idea – but I don’t really want to host OTHERS’ unsellable work – I’ve got plenty of my own. but the point isn’t the unsellability – the point is the novelty, the point is the difference between my works and the tidyness and arrogance of other works – they’re safe because they’re dead, they merely mean some message – I’m not so interested in messages. They’re interchangeable. I like words themselves, you know? That’s what I like about poetry – but tho, also, I do like sharing ideas sometimes – I haven’t written a monthly recap of pocket page ideas since, well, nearly a year ago – and I could recap the whole last year but that seems too much – but I could go back and look at pocket pages and photos from those prior months whenever I want to – they’re all chronological and sh*t.

[From school journals of 2 Feb. 2023, Journal 374]

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