Take red dictionary as hall pass

10th Hour

DID: 1. Started Sound Poems with 1st, 9th, and maybe I’ll start it 10th hour, too. 2. Told M.L. she could go get her jacket—but she should take red dictionary as hall pass. 3. Saw pink ink on facing page. 4. Saw that I’m already on page 46-7 not even two weeks into this. 5. I heard 9th hour talking but they did some work, too—not sure if we’ll finish tomorrow the sound poems or not.

SAW: 1. Robin’s egg blue shirt 2. Mr. ___ in hallway—I agree with the student(s) in years past who said it’s weird that teachers stare ’em down the length of the hall. 3. I don’t really have need to talk … I mean, small-talk-wise, I can just listen, ask them about themselves. 4. Saw, well, a couple stacks of papers on my desk. 4. Saw an email … about subbing 2nd tomorrow. I said I’d do it, but I also said I want to be last-resort sub. 5. Saw my binder to my right.

HEARD: people clicking pens, turning pages.

[From school journal of Weds. 29 Aug. 2018, Journal 285, page 46]

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