But he’s still such an assho!e in public

But he’s still such an asshole in public and on Twitter … I’m now starting to picture ___ as some goofy old man … who doesn’t really understand why what he wants to do is wrong. He’s an old fool, and we’re all—well, not all—but because he’s ___, people to have humor him (what’s the word—act like he’s serious?).

On other hand, there is still the meanness, the attacks, the Roy Cohn advice to deny, deny (which may seem to work to deflect problems but of course eventually costs you your reputation—and people ignore you).

Anyway, now I’m feeling a little bad that I didn’t keep writing. Eh, that’ silly. You’re back now—move on, move along. I wonder why __ & __ are so boring, why they so keep to themselves. Well, I guess that’s better than them being assholes, I guess. It’s hot out, predicted to be nearly 90°—I could still mow tonight but didn’t feel like doing it last night after I came in about 6 and made burritos. I watched Deadliest Catch—Jake Anderson’s SAGA loses an anchor, Sig Hansen gets off at St. Paul Is. and gets flown to Anchorage for heart problems—dude had a heart attack last year and is still smoking! Sh!t, he’s only 51! I mean, I guess that’s old enough, if you’ve been living as hard has he’s been living, fishing, captaining since he was 24—stress, smoking, etc.

[From journal of Weds., 19 July 2017, Journal 256, page 63]

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